What People really Buy
The internet is filled with marketing strategies for the business owner. Many provide good information, and others, not so much. Marketing is a necessity for any person or entity in business. Customers need to know you exist, and why they should care. It is marketing’s sole function to let them know who or what the business is, and why that matters. Sounds really simple on the surface.
Yet, this is exactly where numerous entrepreneurs stumble. Especially, the small business owners. The first thing that comes to their mind often is, “How much is marketing going to cost?” The second, “I don’t have the budget for advertising.” Third, “I haven’t seen significant return on the money spent.” They then may become frustrated and stop altogether. Or start trolling for the next sure marketing idea. Neither are the right answer by the way.
What exactly is the right answer? Your marketing should be focused on giving people what they really buy. Customers buy solutions, not products or services. Now with all the noise in today’s technological world, you must be strategic. It’s going to take more than announcing your presence.
Here’s an example, a handy man came to one of my workshops. Bob, wasn’t having much luck growing his one man operation. He gave out fliers, cards, and asked for referrals. Still, he was stuck begging for business. I suggested he go to a children’s nursery, and talk to the owner. People buy solutions, but with all the noise, they have no idea who to trust. Do some work at the nursery for reduced cost or free. Now, you have a great trusted referral. If I leave my kids with you? I have got to trust you. Put your flier on the bulletin board at the nursery. Give a “how to fix things around the house” talk. These people have jobs and little time. A perfect combination for a handy man. Positioned yourself as, “I’ll do what your honey won’t do.” Think strategy, the one size fits all marketing of yesterday is gone. Business owners that refuse to adapt will go the way of the “penny loafers.” Remember those?

Monique Moliere Piper
Certified Professional Coach and Author