Importance of Certifications



Certification programs were created to ensure non-discrimination in the award and administration of government-funded and private sector contracts and to avail minorities an opportunity to bid and win contracts that sometimes go to larger firms.


The requirements to become a certified firm depend on the certification program and certifying agency; they vary from agency to agency. In order to qualify for the certification, make sure you have the met requirements prior to submitting an application. Some certifications require a site visit before being approved.


Documentation needed for your certification typically includes the following: last 2-3 years of personal and business tax returns, last 2-3 years financial statements, resume of key personnel, articles of incorporation/organization, and declaration of core competence to name a few.


All certifications are free with the exception of two. The two certifications that have a cost are the Minority Business Certification (MBE) and the Woman Owned Certified Business (WBE).

Different types of Certifications:

Certifications are federal, state or local. The time it takes to officially obtain your certification can vary from a few days to several months. Certifications typically have an initial application and require annual updates to verify any changes to the company over that year’s time.

How does a Certification help you?

Certification helps your company because several bid opportunities have “set-asides” for ONLY certified firms. Set-asides could be 100% for a Minority Certified Firm or for a percentage of the contract such as 15% or 25%, consequently as a subcontractor your business could benefit with a contract.

Get certified, it could benefit your business.

Tiya “Ty” Scroggins
Scroggins Consulting, LLC